Women & Energy Programs

Accelerating the Energy Transition with Technology

Can digital technologies contribute to meeting sustainability and net-zero goals? How can companies accelerate the speed of energy innovation to tackle the urgency of climate change? Explore how the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help companies innovate at scale and accelerate innovation to get to net zero within the next 30+ years.

Evaluating Value: Private Equity, Emerging Markets and New Energy Opportunities

As the transition evolves, new markets are emerging within hydrogen, carbon sequestration and both new and old-line renewables such as wind, solar, battery storage and RNG. For green finance and private equity investors, the challenge lies in identifying and evaluating both risk and opportunities within energy transition and renewables activity. How does the current geopolitical unrest affect these funds’ pursuits including LNG and combined cycle natural gas M&A? How does this differ internationally, and in mature and developing economies? Explore the lessons learned so far, and the foremost opportunities available to raise funds, deliver returns, and accelerate the creation of new transition markets.

The Role for Policy in Shaping Sustainable Energy

What role does regulation, public-sector strategy, and policy play in both shaping and driving forward the energy transition? Identify the key levers for furthering equitable and sustainable energy across global markets.

Diversity, Inclusion, and the Future of the Energy Workforce

Whilst energy companies continue to wake up to the realities of the climate crisis, so too are they beginning to address longstanding issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, and representation within the sector. How can companies embed the importance of D&I within their culture and tackle systemic challenges faced by the sector, as well as wider society?

Decentralization, Diversification, Decarbonization

As the energy transition gathers pace, the grid must adapt to increasingly decentralized and diversified supply. For energy, grid, and technology companies, the challenge rests in optimizing systems to effectively integrate this supply. How can we embed grid flexibility? How can we deliver long-duration commercially scalable storage? What are the options for low-carbon baseload?

Innovative partnerships driving digital transformation in energy

The global energy challenges we face will require tremendous effort and collaboration between the public and private sector, across industries, and between companies large and small. How can partnerships help de-risk, speed time to market and help fill solution portfolio gaps? What impact will the creation of customer centric “centers of gravity” have in advancing net zero? What role will public-private partnerships play? Explore how companies can strengthen partnerships across the energy ecosystem, to deliver faster ideation and deployment of solutions in the collective drive towards net zero.