Federal and New York State Funding:

1. Find out who is eligible for a grant by going to the following website: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/home.html

2. Other government websites may be more suitable for personal need, including: http://www.govbenefits.gov/govbenefits_en.portal

3. Student loans http://studentaid.ed.gov/

4. Small business assistance https://www.sba.gov/.

5. Other business opportunities https://www.usa.gov/Business/Business_Gateway.shtml. such as government contracting.

6. The website Government Benefits, Grants, and Financial Aid (https://www.usa.gov/benefits. may also be of help.

7. Grants Action News, New York State Assembly (https://assembly.state.ny.us/gan/20090201/) This website provides information, including descriptions, eligibility, and funding opportunities for NYS grants, as well as some info on Federal and private funding.

8. Check current federal grants opportunities at Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov/), sign up for email notification, and apply online.

9. Search foundations for project funding: use the Foundation Center (http://www.foundationcenter.org/) website or Foundation Center Cooperating Collections (http://www.foundationcenter.org/collections/index.html) in libraries to identify national, state, and community foundations.

10. Learn how to write grant proposals: follow guidelines in CFDA’s Developing and Writing Grant Proposals (https://www.cfda.gov/?s=generalinfo&mode=list&tab=list&tabmode=list&static=grants), or take the Foundation Center Proposal Writing Short Course (http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/tutorials/shortcourse/index.html).

11. Grants.gov, Department of Health and Human Services (http://www.grants.gov/) Federal grants website that allows eligible grant seekers (grant eligibility website:http://www.grants.gov/aboutgrants/eligibility.jsp) to find and apply for current competitive grant opportunities from ALL federal agencies. Grant seekers can check on notices of funding availability (NOFAs) posted in the last 7 days; sign up to receive e-mail notification of grant opportunities; and apply for federal grants through a unified process by downloading the application and submitting online. The website guides grant seekers in obtaining a DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet) number and registering at Grants.gov to apply and to track applications. 

12. A-Z Index of U.S. Department and Agencies, General Services Administration (http://www.usa.gov/Agencies/Federal/All_Agencies/index.shtml) To better develop a grant proposal, search a department or agency’s Home Page to learn more about its programs and objectives. The site USA.gov (http://www.usa.gov/) also links to Government Benefits, Grants and Financial Aid (http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Benefits.shtml).

13. FTC Consumer Alert, Federal Trade Commission (http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/alerts/alt134.shtm) The FTC warns consumers to beware of paying “processing fees” for information that is available free to the public. Ads claiming federal grants are available for home repairs, home business, unpaid bills, or other personal expenses are often a scam.

14. New York State Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation http://www.nysparks.state.ny.us/grants/ OPRHP has established state grants that pertain to the environment that encourage preservation, improvement, restoration, and rehabilitation. While the descriptions of the grants are made available through the website, the applications are not always distributed electronically. Applications can be obtained by contacting OPRHP at their offices located in Albany and Waterford.

15. Division of Housing and Community Renewal http://www.dhcr.state.ny.us/ With an updated database, the Division of Housing and Community Renewal pinpoints specific housing issues that are paired with grants. The required forms and applications are readily available through this website. New York State Department of Health http://www.health.state.ny.us/funding/index.htm The Department of Health offers the opportunity to obtain grants, submit proposals and bids, and inquiries for information. Each section has a detailed timeline from when the opportunity has been posted to when it will expire, in addition to supplying the application on the website.

16. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation http://www.dec.ny.gov/pubs/grants.html The Department of Environmental Conservation provides grants that are meant for environmental improvement and protection. An applicant will be classified in one of three groups, which will determine the size of the grant. The grants specifically focus on areas that include, water protection, environmental cleanup, land and forest protection, environmental justice, and solid waste.

17. Environmental Facilities Corporation http://www.nysefc.org/home/index.asp?page=687 In relation to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) distributes grants to assist environmental initiatives. The EFC deals with issues pertaining to water reuse and conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental innovation. Grant seekers will be able to obtain applications through the EFC’s website.

18. Bureau of Justice Funding http://www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us/ofpa/index.htm The grants provided by the Bureau of Justice are available to benefit the criminal justice field and the state. The grants that are provided to the state are transparently available through a graph. The Bureau of Justice supplies resources to the grantees that will benefit their program.

19. New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets http://www.agmkt.state.ny.us/RFPS.html The Department of Agriculture reaches out to a wide range of grant seekers through their website. Grants have been made available to restaurants, support materials for farmers, nutrition programs, and individual funding. The grants can range from funding advertising to partnerships.

20. New York State Archives http://www.archives.nysed.gov/a/grants/index.shtml To promote the importance of preservation of history, the New York State Archives offer grants to fund archival methods. For an individual to receive funding, one must contact Hackman Research Residency. The Archives recognizes students’ efforts, and distributes awards that will aid them in their efforts. The main goal of these grants is to have a record of the twenty-first century.

21. New York State Education Department http://usny.nysed.gov/grants/ Grants are available for students beginning with kindergarten and reaching out to higher education students. The grants have been implanted to further education through technology, assist with the cost of schooling, and improve their libraries. In addition to the students, teachers have the ability to receive grants and awards for their teaching methods and programs.

22. New York Energy Smart Program http://www.getenergysmart.org/ A partnership between the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the Public Service Commission (PSC). The Energy Smart Program works closely with contractors, retailers, and manufactures to strengthen the impact of energy efficient solutions from the source.

23. New York State Department of Transportation https://www.nysdot.gov/funding The grants distributed by the Department of Transportation exist to improve the roadways, the environment, and overall expense of commuting. The Department of Transportation also takes pedestrians and cyclists into consideration and offers grant opportunities for their commute.

24. Higher Education Service Corporation http://www.hesc.com/content.nsf/ HESC understands the rising cost of colleges and has created the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) for students. In addition to TAP, HESC searches for available state grants and scholarships to relieve students of the cost of higher education.

25. Offices of Children and Family Services http://www.ocfs.state.ny.us/main/bcm/ The Office of Children and Family Services distributes grants to encourage after school activities for children, healthcare assistance, and early childhood development. The grants can be obtained by placing a bid on the supplies on their website, where they are accompanied by specific deadline dates.

26. New York State Assembly – Grants Action News http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/gan/ An up-to-date newsletter for grant seekers to become informed about newly established grants. The newsletter outlines eligibility guidelines, deadlines, and contains contact information for further questions.

27. The Foundation Center (http://www.foundationcenter.org/) Gateway to information about private funding sources, the grant seeking process, guidelines on writing a grant proposal, addresses of state libraries with grants reference collections, and links to other useful Internet websites.

28. The Center maintains a comprehensive database on foundations; produces print and electronic directories and guides; conducts research and publishes studies in the field; and offers a variety of training and educational seminars. Guide to Funding Research (http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/tutorials/gfr/) An overview of the funding research process for those seeking grants from foundations, corporations, and grantmaking public charities.

29. Proposal Writing Short Course (http://foundationcenter.org/getstarted/tutorials/shortcourse/index.html, also in Spanish, French, and other languages) Foundation Finder (http://lnp.foundationcenter.org/finder.html) Search for information about more than 70,000 private and community foundations.

30. Requests for Proposals (http://foundationcenter.org/pnd/rfp/) Daily postings of requests for proposals (RFPs) from private funding sources by broad subject category.

31. Foundation Center Cooperating Collections (http://foundationcenter.org/collections/index.html, search by state) Free funding information available in libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit centers nationwide.

32. Community Foundation Locator, Council on Foundations (http://www.cof.org/Locator/index.cfm?crumb=2) Community foundations have special interest in funding local and community projects.

33. Grants Resources by State, Grantsmanship Center (http://www.tgci.com/) Click on state map to find links to information about a state’s foundations, community foundations, corporate giving programs and the state’s home page.

34. Community Foundation Locator, Council on Foundations (http://www.cof.org/Locator/index.cfm?crumb=2) Community foundations have special interest in funding local and community projects.

35. The following corporate funding opportunities have rolling deadlines. https://corporategrantsguide.com/grants-by-deadline/corporate-funding-rolling-deadlines/

36. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (DOE) grants. https://www.grants.gov/learn-grants/grant-making-agencies/department-of-energy.html