World Green Growth Organization

The World Green Growth Organization is a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase the participation of green economy in the context of Sustainable Development and poverty eradication.

WGGO intends to support global actions towards the green, low-carbon, climate resilient development model.


Who Are We?

WGGO is the perfect organization to get direct contact with the financial industry, which provides financial and intellectual to develop solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. We focus on low-carbon energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation, in addition to addressing other important areas, like water conservation, eco-waste management and smart cities.

WGGO engagements are toward Green Covenants for Green Governance for Green Citizenship maximizing green economy but maintaining resources while addressing environment concerns.

The WGGO’s goal is linear economy versus circular economy. Industrial ecology, natural resources, natural ecosystems, replacing a part of fossil fuels with alternative fuels offers a response to environmental challenges.

What We Do

The World Green Growth Organization is working for the most efficient, reliable, sustainable and safety solutions for future generations. WGGO provides a platform for clean energy, water conservation, waste management, alternative fuels and raw materials, health and safety consultancy, environmental monitoring equipment, quality management system, environmental mitigation control, environmental monitory plans, environmental compliance, environmental auditing, climate change solutions like youth, gender and urbanization.

WGGO is also developing a sustainable disclosure system aligned with international standards and uses different global reporting tools.

The World Green Growth Organization is dedicated to fostering public understanding of energy, water, eco waste, and smart cities issues. We also focus on the energy industry and the many challenges it faces in a rapidly changing world.