World Green Growth Organization

The World Green Growth Organization (WGGO) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase participation in the green economy. WGGO supports global actions towards a green, low-carbon, climate resilient development model that reduces landfill inputs and curbs GHG emissions, while creating a circular economy from carbon offsets and trading mechanisms.

WGGO creates opportunities, offers business solutions, educates businesses and consumers on how they can contribute to the green economy with lasting results. We also provide opportunities for municipalities to comply with local and international green economy commitments.

WGGO is a comprehensive response to increase participation, inclusion, diversity, innovation in the context of sustainable development through a holistic approach and action taken by our Women in Energy Committee, Youth Committee, Smart Cities Committee, International Legislative Committee, Waste Management Committee, Water Committee in support of stakeholders: Government, Private Sector, Academia, Organizations, NGOs and Community.

World Green Growth Summit 2022


Be a leader that facilitates the participation in the transition of a green economy growth approaching partnerships between the public and private sector in the expansion of innovation, technology, and integration with the community.


WGGO works with the public and private sectors to promote economic growth, community integration and employment opportunities, while protecting the world’s ecosystems, environment, and public health.

The World Green Growth Organization is working progressively on sustainable projects and hosts an annual Summit targeting more than 2000 key stakeholders to address emerging trends, policy issues, and opportunities in the energy sector.


Our Programs


Building a road to sustainable development and a better future.

Carbon Neutral

Supporting carbon neutral solutions across all sectors.


Helping communities with high-poverty rates across the world.


Innovating ideas towards a Green Economy.

Humanitarian Work

Helping communities in need across the world is a priority for the World Green Growth Organization.


Global Network

The World Green Growth Organization has launched the World’s Largest Corporate Network, an online platform for investors, corporations, innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses at the forefront of their work to convene.

This platform allows actors that adhere to principles of the circular economy (zero waste, environmental justice, etc.) to access global events, industry stakeholders, practitioners, relevant resources and opportunities to support sustainable development goals.