Green Business Incubator


This initiative serves low-income communities in the Bronx by improving their waste management system and protecting its urban ecosystems by implementing a green business incubator model.

Low-income communities typically lack the funding and tools to mitigate environmental problems. Many low-income neighborhoods in New York City are disproportionately exposed to environmental hazards including toxic substances and air and water pollution. Inadequate waste management also leads to health disparities between high- and low-income.

New York City residents produce 3.2 millions of trash a year, 12,000 tons of waste everyday. The current waste management program costs the city about $429 million annually and is extremely wasteful, expensive and uses resources that could be easily conserved. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, New York City has seen a stark increase in household garbage, thus harming our environment in more ways than one (Columbia Climate School, 2021).

The World Green Growth Organization’s main goal is to address New York City’s waste management issue. We aim to serve low-income communities in NYC by providing our organization’s assistance in developing startups. Our initiative allows low-income individuals to develop implementable solutions to this problem and deliver the necessary resources and education to make a change.

The entire process from beginning to end lasted one year, plus long-term partnership. Stages include Phase 1: Early Stage (Marketing & Enrollment) first 4 months, Phase 2: Start-up creation – Pre Incubation (Innovation assessment-Business Plan, Business Modeling, Mentoring) and Incubation (Hosting, Commercialization, Advance Business Planning) following 11 months, and Phase 3: Incubation Support and Post-Incubation (Expansion, Clustering, Business Development, Access to Finance and Network) last  9 months of the program.

The final activity of the business incubation program is to provide a recognizable platform, expert mentors, necessary tools, and a supportive community for competitors to utilize.